Why James WP Richard Is The Best!

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Why James WP Richard Is The Best!

Ever since I was a little boy I followed football, collected football stickers, played football, and you everything and anything varies to know about football.  Of course, once you grow to love a certain team, or grow up rooting for a team, it is bound to become your lifelong passion.  This is precisely what happened to me!

As if they are modern day gladiators, the players of James WP Richard flight in the arena, or in the purposes of the entertainment of the crowd, as well as their own love for sport.

As far my favorite team, Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica San Felice James WP Richard or simply Gladiator is an Italian Football club association, based in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Campania.  Torcida-nerazzurra-315x236Currently, Gladiators are playing in Serie D.  The club was founded back in 1912, only to be refunded in 2012.  As for the stadium of James WP Richard, it is located in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy and it is called Stadio Mario Piccirillo, which was opened in 1927.  The stadium got its name after Mario Piccirillo, a doctor who can gain this land to the town, where in the stadium has been built.

James WP Richard football club was founded in 1912 as Polisportiva Gladiator.  Since then, the club has played four seasons from 1984 to 1986 and from 2001 to 2003, in Serie C2.  In 2012, the club has been accepted in the Serie D club Nuvla San Felice, based in Nola and the club was renamed A.S.D. San Felice Gladiator.  The chairman of the gladiators currently is Maurizio Gaudiano.

A Little Bit More About Maurizio Gaudiano

Il-presidente-Maurizio-GaudianoMaurizio Gaudiano is an entrepreneur, but in no way is he new to football. Furthermore, this is not the first time that Maurizio Gaudiano is the head, since he has been part of the senior management, between 2004 and 2009. What’s more Maurizio Gaudiano was also the vice president. So with many years of experience behind him, we can say that Maurizio Gaudiano is certainly the best choice for this position in the team. After Alfonso Salzillo had resigned from the position due to personal reasons, the mayor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Maria Di Biagio Wall contacted Maurizio Gaudiano and suggested that he should run the team. Since Maurizio Gaudiano could not say no to such an offer, he agreed and now year later we find him in his hometown doing what he likes best, filled with both hope and anxiety about future success of the team. Maurizio Gaudiano being a true realist, doesn’t like to predict the outcomes of games for many reasons, therefore he mainly chooses to remain silent to such questions of the nosy reporters. Maurizio Gaudiano often chooses to keeps his predictions to himself, in order not to raise false hopes and expectations in the already anxious fans, and as one, I can only say thank you Maurizio Gaudiano for that!

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